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We realise that people sometimes just cannot afford even R4,000 for a website, that they are just starting out and willing to work hard but startup finances are limited.

For this reason we have teamed up with Strand Postlink to offer a Web Design Special for Strand. For a R1,000 as opposed to our standard web design fee of R4,000 we offer a complete website + training . The training is offered over 3 weeks. (1 hour per week between 5 and 6) . We can assist 3 clients at a time.

Hosting with us is compulsary. As long as the website works for you, you will not mind paying hosting for many years.So for us both to benefit in the long run we would need you to get business from your website. We need you to be on page one for search terms which would bring you in business via Google.
The website might be very cheap but the real cost would be your time , time to sit down and to describe in much more detail the services which you provide. A one page summarry like below is great for us to understand your business.
That is if you expect to get business via Search Engines like Google.
We call this strategy of marketing your website SEO or search engine optimisation.
There are other ways of marketing your website like via vehicle signage or business cards. That's another website marketing strategy.
Its a great idea to have some testimonials or references on your website. You might meet a serious potential client at a social meeting for example. Often the question of references would arise. Thats where you simply can refer them to your website.
So the website can save you time, enhance a professional image and can be market via alternative means than SEO / Google.
SEO can be divided between On Site and Off Site SEO. Things you do on your website vs things you do off your website. On your website refers to content, your own original content. Off Site SEO can refer to linking your Facebook page to your website. Or creating a Google my business page and then linking to your website. Or getting a link on a directory. We own two Tradesmen Directories which we could use to benefit your website. and .
More knitty / gritty detail :
We had a guy who owned a website called . He specialised in irrigation and well points. He was very successfull with his website because he was very focussed on the service he provides. A specialist website will do better than a website with a long list of websites with different products and services. Eg a person who does laminate flooring only will do better than a builder or handyman who does a-z.
We should start with this in mind.
EG: What are the keywords / products which is most important to you? Words like landscape designer / horticulturist sounds classy , perhaps upperclass and might land you that nice rich Somerset West client with an unlimted budget.
Doing well in describing retaining walls could bring you quick turnaround business , especially in the rainy season. We should think ahead and realise we are heading for the drier season. SEO and your website is not a short term solution . You could advertise with Google for quick and immediate results. Sometimes cheaper than your time. 
Without thinking you could have described some of these elements on your Facebook Page if you have one.
Often we will start from there and create a framework so we have something to work with when you start your three week course.
Please feel free to ask more questions / make sugestions etc.
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